TOA Group is a Chinese multinational company focusing on manufacturing, e-commerce, retail and technology. Founded in 1998, SKS has six different factories. As one of the most important subsidiaries, SKS has been committed to making alternative tobacco products. With the issue of environmental friendliness and health being constantly discussed internationally, SKS has invested more than $20 million in R&D, hired more than 50 world-class scientists, engineers and technicians, and created the brand of "Healcier".

Healcier is a plant product that can replace cigarettes.

It does not contain nicotine or tar. It can provide a real smoking experience without harming health.

We believe that this product, which is different from traditional cigarettes, will become the mainstream in the future, benefiting the environment and human health.

Healcier is looking for strong and experienced partners around the world to create a better future together.

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