Domestic products make efforts, Healcier leads the global heat-not-burn cartridges

2021-11-08 12:43:54 Healcier 69

As tobacco control actions continue to advance around the world, traditional tobacco has declined. The global smoking rate has fallen by nearly half in the past 25 years. Affected by this, global cigarette sales have been on a downward trend. In China, the trend of smoking control and smoking bans in the past decade has become more and more obvious, and the space for smokers is getting smaller and smaller. Forced to switch to alternative cigarette products. Affected by this situation, new tobacco products have gradually become a hot spot for research and development, leading industry changes. Due to its harm-reducing properties, new tobacco products have become one of the various directions for tobacco giants. Among them, the heat-not-burn cartridge is undoubtedly the most popular category, after all, it can retain the feeling of smoking without being harmed by smoking. Smoke-reducing products, at least in the buffer phase, are something that every smoker wants to try and own.



So what exactly is heating and not burning, and what is its working principle?

Heat-not-burn cartridges are the hottest new tobacco products in the world in recent years. Different from electronic cigarettes "using electronic devices to heat the e-liquid and inhaling it after atomization", it is "using electronic devices to heat tobacco raw materials and inhaling after smoking". According to my own understanding, heat-not-burn cartridges are still in the category of "cigarettes", they just have to be smoked with "electronic" smoking devices. The same is the inhalation of smoke. Traditional cigarettes are smoked after the tobacco raw materials are ignited. The temperature of the cigarette butt varies between 600 degrees and 900 degrees. The thousands of components in the tobacco raw materials undergo extremely complex physical and chemical reactions, and the temperature is uncontrollable. The products of various oxidation reactions, reduction reactions, and cracking reactions are even more uncontrollable; while the heating and non-combustion electronic heater can accurately control the temperature at about 300 degrees, the smoke composition is relatively controllable, and the harmful substances are relatively important. Much less.


Through the above description, we can simply make a summary:

In terms of combustion materials, ordinary electronic cigarettes often use e-liquid, while heat-not-burn cartridges still use tobacco raw materials, which preserves the real experience of smoking to the greatest extent in terms of taste and taste;

In terms of smoking methods, traditional cigarettes must ignite the tobacco raw materials. Excessive temperature causes extremely complex reactions in the raw materials, which greatly increase the degree of harm. Heat non-combustion cartridges use electronic cigarettes to accurately heat the temperature. The control is around 300 degrees, which greatly reduces the chemical reaction and reduces the degree of harmfulness.

To sum up in one sentence, the real smoking experience, but there is no harm of real smoking.

But is such a heat-not-burn cartridge completely harmless? Don't worry!

Although the heat-not-burn cartridge is different from traditional cigarettes and the previous generation of electronic cigarettes, it adopts a new heat-not-burn concept and technology, which greatly reduces the harm of smoking tobacco, but this does not mean that smoking can be completely free. It is harmful because the combustion materials used in these heat-not-burn cartridges always contain a certain amount of tobacco.

Research and investigation found that although the existing heat-not-burn cartridges on the market—such as a qous—have greatly reduced their harmfulness to the human body, the nicotine in its tobacco raw materials still cannot be completely harmless to the human body. That said, although the heat-not-burn technology effectively reduces the harmful substances produced by high-temperature combustion, the harmfulness caused by the tobacco material itself cannot be diluted...

Do the old smokers sigh up to the sky when they hear this, and sit on the floor and spread their hands?

Isn’t there a product that can completely preserve the smoking experience without harming the human body?

Of course there is!

That is the Healcier heat-not-burn plant smoke bomb developed by SKS Co., Ltd.!


Healcier, homophonic Healthier, is a heat-not-burn cartridge based on plant extracts! It is precisely because of seeing that most heat-not-burn cartridges on the market still contain a certain amount of nicotine, SKS Co., Ltd. realizes that if it is to fundamentally solve the problem of smoking harmful to the human body, it must start with combustion materials. In order to solve the problem of burning materials, SKS Co., Ltd. convened hundreds of scientific researchers from all over the world, conducted countless experiments, and finally found a plant extract-inhaling vanilla. Smoking vanilla can retain the true taste of smoking to the greatest extent. At the same time, because it is a plant extract, it does not contain any nicotine or smoke oil, and it will never cause any harm to the human body. This is a major breakthrough in the history of heating non-combustion. There are still a small amount of harmful substances such as nicotine tar in ordinary non-combustible smoke. Healcier fundamentally solves the problem of raw materials. It uses tea and other plants as raw materials, and it is completely free of nicotine and tar. It can replace traditional tobacco and maintain a mellow taste. In addition, the clean steam produced by Healcier heating and inhaling vanilla will replace the harmful smoke emitted by traditional lit cigarettes. There is no soot, which reduces air pollution; and there is no unextinguished cigarette butts that may cause a fire, so that it is environmentally friendly. On this basis, in order to improve the consumer experience, Healcier has developed five flavors including original, mint, grapefruit, coffee, and blueberry in order to better meet market demand, which are deeply loved by smokers.


As a new product, Healcier has received a lot of praise in the Hong Kong and Japanese markets, and its green, environmental, harmonious and sustainable concepts are well received by consumers everywhere. In the future, Healcier will also take the needs of consumers as its own responsibility, deepen scientific research, and contribute to the global tobacco industry. Please pay more attention!