Healcier,Homophonic Healthier,It is a heat-not-burn cartridge based on plant extracts!

2021-11-08 12:20:16 Healcier 60

Healcier, homophonic Healthier, is a heat-not-burn cartridge based on plant extracts! It is precisely because of seeing that most heat-not-burn cartridges on the market still contain a certain amount of nicotine, SKS Co., Ltd. realizes that if it is to fundamentally solve the problem of smoking harmful to the human body, it must start with combustion materials. In order to solve the problem of burning materials, SKS Co., Ltd. convened hundreds of scientific researchers around the world, conducted countless experiments, and found a plant extract-inhaling vanilla.


Smoking vanilla can retain the real taste of smoking. At the same time, because it is a plant extract, it does not contain any nicotine, nor does it contain any smoke oil, so it will not cause any harm to the human body. This is a major breakthrough in the history of heating non-combustion. There are still a small amount of harmful substances such as nicotine tar in ordinary non-combustible smoke. Healcier fundamentally solves the problem of raw materials. It uses tea and other plants as raw materials, and it is completely free of nicotine and tar. It can replace traditional tobacco and maintain a mellow taste. In addition, the clean steam produced by Healcier heating and inhaling vanilla will replace the harmful smoke emitted by traditional lit cigarettes. There is no soot, which reduces air pollution; and there is no unextinguished cigarette butts that may cause a fire, so that it is environmentally friendly. On this basis, in order to improve the consumer experience, Healcier has developed five flavors including original, mint, grapefruit, coffee, and blueberry in order to better meet market demand, which are deeply loved by smokers.