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 3.0版 Healcier 西柚

In September 2018, we began to further expand the Asian and European markets, and established the Asian brand of vanilla-Healcier and the European brand Heccig. We analyzed and collected the tastes of 15 European countries for comparison and upgrade. And finally we developed the third generation vanilla products with the most healthy and elegant flavor.
We developed a third-generation citrus-flavored vanilla cigarette with the goal of healthy no nicotine zero tar. The entrance is sweet and fruity feeling,at this time, we have not felt what kind of fruit.When the smoke goes into your throat, the taste of the grapefruit begins to clear, and it becomes more intense when you spit the smoke.The smoke is full of the taste of citrus, and only a cool feeling stays in the mouth, giving you a different smoking experience.

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